Monday, November 14, 2011

The Davis Family: MNR's Parasite

by Ralph the Cat

I heard that Mountaineer's facebook page was taking a lot of heat from horse activist groups for not enforcing their "no slaughter" policy. I couldn't help but want to check out what all the bickering was about. I started scrolling down the page reading tons of he said, she said, bickering about horse slaughtering. Mountaineer didn't do much policing, but surprisingly they actually commented on some of the posts. As I scroll back up to the top of the page I see a recent post, added just seconds ago, it was from a horseplayer. It read something along the lines of, I have a $20 win ticket on Justice Express, from August 20th, he ran 2nd but I found out that the horse that won was later DQ'd, can I cash this? or at least get a refund? "... I chuckled, thinking ya, right, like they would even consider it. I thought to myself I should comeback a little later and at least read what their generic response would be or at least what others had to say. Just a few hours later, I go back on and the post is gone, I scrolled up and down the page, nothing. Mountaineers PR really thought they should delete this post? I remembered the posters name, and messaged him, figuring they at least responded privately to him. Nope, I haven't heard anything he tells me. I couldnt help but wonder how this horse received a bad test in August, but the horse wasnt actually DQ'd until October, but was allowed to run at PID in September with no mentioning of the failed drug test in the PP line, meaning the betting public was unaware that this horse failed a drug test and was going through an appeal process. So not once, but twice the public was screwed over. Oh, and the horse ran last at PID in that start after being bet down to 4-1

When I first looked up the chart from Mountainer, the night he was DQ'd. I saw it was a horse called Sea Dubia, DQ'd and placed last, trainer, none other than Billy Ray Davis, a trainer who was black balled from racing for more than a decade. father of Scooter Davis, who has had more positives than any the last decade. I look up the penalty they gave Billy Ray Davis, a loss of purse and a 15 day suspension. Sheesh, that must have put him out of business, don't ya think? I can see it now. A man gets out of prison after serving ten years for robbing a bank. Within months he robs a gas station and they just ask him to bring the stuff back.

Billy Ray Davis' DQ was for a drug called clenbuterol. The family's drug of choice. Although we wouldn't have enough ink to print out all of Scooters violations, his recent ones are mostly clenbuterol. In March of 2010, Scooter scored his first win at Penn National, as well as his first positive test at Penn National, for none other than clenbuterol. They gave him a $1,500 fine and a DQ, a suspension wasn't listed, but he didn't race up there the rest of the meet. The following year, a DQ at CT for clenbuterol, just a few days later, a DQ at MNR for clenbuterol. Shortly after this the state of WV gives his father a trainers license, WHILE SCOOTER IS SUSPENDED, Billy Ray Davis is granted a license? In the words of my 3 year old nephew, are you shitting me?

In August, when Billy Ray Davis' Sea Dubia was DQ'd at MNR, his son, Scooter Davis was busy seeking lasix after the deadline at their sister track PID, getting a 15 day suspension and a $1,000 fine. Will the madness ever end? DQ's, 15 day suspensions. $1,000 fines.... and MNR cant answer a simple question, can you refund my ticket when a Davis horse is DQ'd????

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jockeys with Frozen Chestnuts

By Ralph the Cat

It is a bit depressing to know we wont be getting to watch Mountaineer run in January and February again this year. The thing that sucks the most is the current line up of jockeys is more resistant to the harsh winter weather than in years past. Mountaineer surely lost some much needed "fat" in the jockey colony and a "tougher" "broker" and more "eager" colony has emerged. With all that said, its hard to run races at a track with no money. There is one way they could run in the winter months though, ahhh fuck it, no ones listening... Have a Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mountaineer Relapse

Ralph the Cat
A little over a year since my last blog. I was getting help with my addiction, but eventually failed, in epic proportion. Well, maybe its been a year, but Ive gone longer than that when it comes to talking to old Friends and even family members. The Mountain has been undergoing a steady decline the past year, but have some mercy on the Mountain, the Pennsylvania gaming businesses nearly gave it a knock out punch, but we're still standing, a little dirty, broke and walking with a limp, but we're still carrying on. Purses may be decreasing, handle down slightly, and some top trainers and jockeys shipping out, but hey, it could always be worse. Its clear, the Mountain has seen its better days, but our obsession, our addiction, our inconceivable passion with playing the Mountain probably wont ever go away and that may just be enough to keep it around long enough to go to the grave knowing we have a shot beating a poor chalk on Fridays opener. Often times its like watching a train wreck, but who on earth doesn't want to see a train wreck?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Aint No Sunshine When I Blog

by Ralph the Cat

Well, I know there was around 100 or maybe just 3, that were excited to read this blog covering Mountaineer when I first started it. Fact of the matter is, its been a busy summer. The last 6 months of my life have been life changing. I closed a chapter in my life and opened a new one, a new chapter that I am thrilled to be writing. As the cold months approach I will be back bolder than ever blogging about Mountaineer racing. When I find the time to handicap in the summer months, its usually at tracks where I know I have a shot at turning a profit, Mountaineer is not one of those. Mountaineer is an extra challenge I take on, a harsh reality check if you will. A track Ive beat numerous months with life changing scores, but a track that has also drained my bank account as fast as any. Mountaineer takes patience, extra work and a ton of luck to score, something I don't always have going for me when the sun's out. I look forward to the winter months of racing, filled with cancellations, sloppy frozen tracks, horrible rides and F bombs dropping out of my mouth like there's no tomorrow. I hope you find the time to join me and my ridiculous blogs concerning the devil, aka the Mountain. Please, join me as I pray, dear lord, I thank you for what you have given me, the love, the food and a life filled with joy, I ask you to watch over my picks, to make sure I don't lose my ass over these winter months at Mountaineer, I pray, just win baby... Amen

Monday, July 20, 2009

Woolley Gives MNR the Bird

By Ralph the Cat

The Bird should arrive at MNR around noon on Friday. Woolley gave the Bird his final work at Churchill Downs Monday morning, an impressive 4f work in 48.4. The gelding galloped out 5F in a titillating 1:01.4 with Jamie Theriot up. Jamie Theriot, a likely backup to Mike Smith, didnt say much more than "hes fantastic" after dismounting from the gelding Monday morning. The gelding figures to put in his 5th and final work over MNRs surface early next week. This will be MNRs first Kentucky Derby Winner to run in the Grade II West Virginia Derby. The race is set for Saturday August 1st, with an early post time. A cake walk will be unlikely, for Mike Smith is too patient for MNRs egg-shaped oval...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

No News Isnt Always Good News

By Ralph the Cat

Especially when it comes to "MY" blog. But hey, I'm still alive and well. Ive just been busier than a hooker on a Friday night. So here's the deal, jockeys are still lazy and unprofessional, trainers still cheat, agents still suck and track management still don't know how to run a track. Oh, I almost forgot, bettors still like to bitch about the stupidest of things. Ahh, horse racing in the 21st century.

In other news, MNR slashed purses like a used car salesman. Their product is shit as well, much like a used cars salesman. I wont blame that on management.... yet, but I do think HRTVs exclusive coverage of CT and TVGs non-coverage of anything associated with West Virginia racing might have something to do with the donkeys at MNR. I know, I know, there's only so much they can do. Like make the WV Derby a grade II, and maintain the highest stakes purses they've ever had. As long as they cut the bottom purses they can maintain excellence! I ask, why help the ship-in stake trainers who don't give a rats ass about MNR racing, but force legitimate stables, not the small stables, but legitimate stables with good horses to consider shipping to PID, Penn or even CT. Watch the names disappear slowly but surely as our $2,500 claimers run for a claiming tag of $5k with purses dropping to $8,000. Ahhh, MNR wanted to look like CD, now they look like TDN. But hey, we have a Grade II race!

I'm not pointing fingers, or saying anybody is wrong, I'm just saying there's a few things that aren't right, and the the few things that are right, I don't give a rats ass about.

In other news, Ozzy got wasted, cheated at Black Jack and was banned from MNR. I didn't see it in writing yet, that's just a rumor, but you know what they say about rumors, they're usually half true. He probably wasn't wasted, he was probably high.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

An Authentic Rant

by Chris Longshot

Is it me or is watching the speed bias races at Mountaineer night after night like watching the Bill Murray classic, Groundhog's Day??? Another minute's passed, another MNR jock that has tried to commence a rally up the rail and failed miserably. I mean do these guy's watch race replays or recognizes biases. Parker and Whitney's back, great!! There goes all the value of the past few months. Time for the jocks to stop appeasing these guys and race just as agressively, like they did before these guys came back. Am I the only one who noticed how many bad breaks horses get at Mountaineer. I mean how in the world are you supposed to predict the probably pace when you have an epidemic number of horses breaking bad. If I was running MNR, I would have every horse show at least one recent gate work and extra training for the gate crew. Its become absurd, no wonder why the tracks so hard to predict, you almost never get a clean start at the break. It's gotten to the point where you have to predict 2 pace scenarios: the likely pace, and the unpredictable pace after 2 or 3 of the chalks break bad. Another minute goes by another longshot horse that makes a big move around the turn only to flattened out soon after. How about the longshot leader out by 4 lengths entering the stretch, looks stong and quits inexplicably with little pressure. Matter of fact its become apparent MNR is riddled with horses who are quite excellent at running 4 furlongs. Another race goes by, another Eric Reed horse finishes up the track at 3/5. I don't get it, talk about a guy who's reputation proceeds himself. The guy doesn't win at Oaklawn, ask Whitney, doesn't win in Kentucky, ask Castanon, doesn't win at Mountaineer, ask Whitney again, can you tell me where this trainer actually wins races, oh and Beulah doesn't count. Enough is enough already with Eric Reed's reputation and his lackluster 3/5 shots at the mountain. I have had enough, despite the fact I never use them anyway. Equally puzzling is the money put down on Jay Bernardini horses and the money lost on Larry Rivelli's short chalks. Then again you have to respect a trainer that deceives players and sends out horses with hidden infermities begging to be claimed. The latter two have been going well recently at MNR but you'll see history repeat itself before its too long. All these trainers horses continously get bet heavily, despite their pathetic performances at MNR. Hey there goes Rod Moyners again burning more money on a supertrainer claim gone awry. Where does this guy get all this money??? Does he actually expect to win with the horse?? Another race passes, another jock who has decided to change tactics with our money. Would be nice if they could tell us this before the race, oh well there goes the probable pace scenario again. Just wondering did Peter Berry have a bet on Marble Cliff the other night??? Was awfully excited!!! I figured the horse was a 80-1 shot after hearing the call. Another night passes another bias that has developed at the Mountain. One day the inside is good, the next day the outside is good, first 3 races the inside paths are good, next 3 races the outside paths are good. If its 30 degrees this means this but at 20 degrees this develops. I need a bottle of advil. Im convinced the track surface at Mountaineer is as hard to crack as the DaVinci Code. Can someone tell the jocks to at least try to look like your making an attempt to hold place/show spot after being passed in the stretch, some of them just quit riding once they have been passed no wonder why it always seems that illogical 40-1 longshot closer gets up for 3rd. Also some these jocks ride so high in the stirrups and so nonchalantly no wonder why their horses lack that finishing punch, how about moving the arms vigorously, get lower, it might just help. Is it me or does it seem like there is 3 races going on within a race at Mountaineer?? there's more gaps in the field then in Michael Strahan's teeth. Do some even get out of a gallop??? Another race passes and yet again Whitney sits patiently on a stalking chalk, with a full head of steam, while the leader kicks clear due to the soft pressure. How about the jock that lags 16 lengths off the lead and makes up a lot of ground just in time to nab 6th, nice ride jock, just wondering what the hell are they waiting for???? Another race goes by another Alan Crago horse that blows up the tote without warning. Conversely, a Doug Shaneyfelt chalk has just won by many many lengths, go figure! As DM would say, That's just my opinion, I could be wrong.